Electric Scooters are Back in CLE

You may have already heard: e-scooters and e-bikes are coming to Cleveland! Here’s some things you’ll need to know:

downtown cleveland scooter rider
  • What are all these scooters and bikes doing parked on the sidewalk? These scooters and bikes belong to private companies and are available for the public to rent for short rides on the city streets.

  • Which companies are permitted to operate in Cleveland? After evaluating permit applications, the City allowed FOUR companies to continue in the permitting process. Each company's device is clearly labeled with its logo and contact information.

    • Bird (black and white scooters and e-bicycles)

    • Lime (scooters with green detail)

    • Spin (scooters with orange detail)

    • VeoRide (scooters with teal detail)

  • How do I use the scooters and bikes? How much do they cost? What if I don't have a smartphone or credit card? You can use the scooters and bikes by downloading the app on your smartphone and setting up an account. The app will walk you through what to do. The exact pricing depends on the company, but most rides cost $1 to start and then $0.15 to $0.26 per minute until you end your ride.

  • Why is the City allowing this? The City established a permitting process for shared mobility vendors so there would be regulations in place to make dockless scooters and e-bikes as safe and useful as possible for residents.

The city of Cleveland provides FAQs and additional information here.

<< Download the City’s FAQs (PDF) >>