The historic Warehouse District, located just east of the Cuyahoga River, comprises the former wholesale and commercial center of Cleveland. This Victorian district includes warehouses that contained large hardware distributors, marine suppliers and garment manufacturers; smaller wholesale and retail establishments for dry goods, grocers, tool suppliers and ship’s chandlers. Major office buildings of the iron, coal, railroad and shipping industries were also centered here.

Today the buildings are filled with loft apartments, businesses, restaurants and entertainment. The tree lined streets bustle with activity as residents, office workers and visitors enjoy all the Warehouse District, has to offer.

  • 425 Lakeside, Stone Block
    1216-1230 West 6th Street

  • 820 Building, Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen
    820 Superior Avenue

  • Ace Shoe Company, Klein-Marks Building
    1313-1317 West 6th Street

  • Bingham Building
    1278-1298 West 9th Street

  • Bloch Block and Miller Building
    1273 West 9th Street, 1281 West 9th Street

  • Courthouse Square, Crown Building
    1200 – 1220 West 3rd Street

  • Crittenden Block
    1382 West 9th Street

  • George Worthington Building
    820 St. Clair Avenue

  • Gilcrest Building
    802 St. Clair Avenue

  • Grand Arcade
    408 St. Clair Avenue

  • Harry Weinraub
    1276-78 West 6th Street

  • Hat Factory, Hart and Co. Building
    1235-1239 West 6th Street

  • Hilliard Block
    1415 West 9th Street

  • Hoyt Atrium, Garretson’s Building
    618-620 St. Clair Avenue

  • Hoyt Block
    604-614 St. Clair Avenue

  • Johnson Block
    1352-1400 West 6th Street

  • Joseph and Feiss Building
    624-702 St. Clair Avenue

  • L.F.&S. Burgess Grocers
    1406 West 6th Street

  • Lakeside Place, L.N. Gross Company
    1200-1220 West 3rd Street

  • National Terminals Warehouse
    1200 West 9th Street

  • New York Coach Building, Mill Distributors
    1266-1272 West 6th Street

  • Otis Terminal
    1300-1324 West 9th Street

  • Perry Payne, Cuddell and Richardson
    730-750 Superior Avenue

  • Rockefeller Building, Knox and Elliott
    614 Superior Avenue

  • Root McBride, Cobb and Bradley Buildings
    1220 West 6th Street

  • Waring Block
    508 St. Clair Avenue

  • Western Reserve Building
    1462-1468 West 9th Street

  • Wohl’s, Lawyer’s Building
    1280 West 3rd Street