Visiting the Warehouse District

Explore the Warehouse District, Cleveland’s First Neighborhood, and experience the best of fine dining, vibrant nightlife and boutique shopping in an exquisite setting of Italianate Victorian architecture. Offering exceptional restaurants, clubs, unique shops, services, residential properties and other businesses, the Historic Warehouse District is a charming, mixed-use neighborhood full of history and life. Enjoy a stroll down picturesque streets where the savory scents wafting from outdoor cafes tempt your taste buds. Take time to shop for the perfect furniture, clothing, shoes or bottle of wine. Sit back and relax as residents walk their dogs and couples sit close over cups of coffee. Linger over cocktails and good conversation. Dance the night away to the sounds of live entertainment. Whether you come for dinner or dancing, sightseeing or a special event, such as Holiday Tour or the Annual Street Festival, we hope you leave the historic Warehouse District with special memories and the desire to return again and again. Check out the publication “Sensational Places, Historic Spaces” for Cleveland history, attractions, maps and more, or visit Cleveland Visitor as you plan your trip to Cleveland and the Warehouse District. Enjoy a free “Take a Hike” tour every summer from May through September. Encompassing the area of West 3rd to the East to West 10th on the West; from Superior Avenue on the South to the bluffs overlooking Lake Erie on the North, the Warehouse District is in the heart of Downtown Cleveland. To learn more about Downtown Cleveland, check out Downtown Cleveland Alliance’s newest video “This is Downtown”.